#idigmines Giving Day

This campaign ended on February 03, 2023, but you can still make a gift to Colorado School of Mines by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $50

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $100

An Anonymous DonorDanny & Martha Hayre matched $100

An Anonymous DonorSantana Sanchez '17, Brittany Sandoval '16, Robert Godinez MS '15 and Jose Arellano '15 matched $600

An Anonymous DonorToni Lefton & Melanie Brandt (Meloni) matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorDr. Alan (Met.E. '67, MS '72, PhD '74) and Mrs. Judith Liby matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorEric '89 and Kathy Thurston matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorTravis Johnson ’03 matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorConstance N Knight matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorPE Advisory Board matched $7,150

An Anonymous DonorHarry Conger '55 and Red Conger '77 matched $20,000

An Anonymous DonorGeology Enhancement Committee matched $22,000
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An Anonymous DonorFaculty & Staff Giving Committee gave $425

An Anonymous DonorDavid Hansburg gave $500

An Anonymous DonorJunko Munakata Marr gave $500 because 20 donors made a gift in 1 day

An Anonymous DonorAmy E Landis gave $550

An Anonymous DonorKyle '13 and Evan '13 Rowland gave $2,000


The OreGiver community raised a record-breaking $411,099, including $129,064 in bonus, matching and challenge funds! Your support and involvement in #idigmines Giving Day is igniting endless possibilities for Mines!

A special thanks to our lead challengers Andrew P. '78 and Sherry P. Swiger for providing the bonus funds for the day-long challenges. Congratulations to the winning groups:

  • Raising the Bar Challenge Winner ($1,000) - Applied Mathematics & Statistics
  • Most Alumni Donors ($2,500) - Geology & Geological Engineering
  • Most Student Donors ($2,500) - Oredigger Athletics
  • Top Grand Bonus Winner - Geology & Geological Engineering

See more details in the Donors section below.

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$35,000 Grand BonusThis gift was divided among the 36 featured campus causes based on their percentage of overall donors at the end of giving day.
CauseDonorsRaised ($)%
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs2$1600.2%
Civil & Environmental Engineering37$4,9573.2%
CBE Field Session Student Support Fund15$3,0641.3%
Electrical Engineering20$3,4301.7%
CASA - Center for Academic Services & Advising10$2100.9%
Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership18$1,4641.6%
Women at Mines37$5,2563.2%
Humanitarian Engineering13$1,4501.1%
Arthur Lakes Library74$3,0506.4%
Economics and Business10$3,8000.9%
Music & Performing Arts Program17$3,0241.5%
Entrepreneurship & Innovation13$4,0451.1%
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering23$6,5202.0%
Quantitative Biosciences & Engineering13$6,8341.1%
Mines Museum of Earth Science17$3,3651.5%
Petroleum Engineering (PE) 100th Anniversary Excellence Fund47$23,9174.1%
Geophysics@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund13$2,2491.1%
McBride Honors Program40$4,0513.5%
Mining Engineering66$42,2455.7%
Geology & Geological Engineering118$60,39910.3%
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences6$1,2060.5%
Applied Mathematics & Statistics32$4,2192.8%
Computer Science47$5,0944.1%
Diversity, Inclusion & Access28$1,6752.4%
Engineering, Design & Society12$1,9501.0%
Mines Online9$5600.8%
Oredigger Camp13$1,0161.1%
Graduate Programs3$2300.3%
Writing Center9$1,3450.8%
Student Experience Fund9$6400.8%
The Mines Fund29$25,3022.5%
Mechanical Engineering26$7,6302.3%
Student Emergency Fund107$13,3639.3%
Most Alumni DonorsThe cause with the most alumni donors at the end of the day earned a $2,500 bonus.
Featured CauseDonorsRaised ($)
Civil & Environmental Engineering11$1,404
McBride Honors Program14$1,544
Women at Mines13$1,284
MME Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund12$3,850
Applied Mathematics & Statistics14$1,474
Computer Science16$1,835
Geology & Geological Engineering64$53,144
The Mines Fund17$18,864
Music & Performing Arts Program11$2,514
Student Emergency Fund30$4,872
Mining Engineering41$38,186
Economics and Business7$3,400
Geophysics@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund8$1,929
Oredigger Camp7$911
Mines Museum of Earth Science6$2,000
Mechanical Engineering8$3,234
Arthur Lakes Library13$1,535
Petroleum Engineering (PE) 100th Anniversary Excellence Fund33$25,712
Entrepreneurship & Innovation6$2,420
CBE Field Session Student Support Fund10$2,114
Engineering, Design & Society0$0
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs0$0
Graduate Programs1$100
Quantitative Biosciences & Engineering0$0
Mines Online1$100
Writing Center3$1,155
Electrical Engineering4$1,205
Student Experience Fund2$200
Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership3$554
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences1$20
Diversity, Inclusion & Access4$165
Humanitarian Engineering5$295
CASA - Center for Academic Services & Advising1$20
Most Student DonorsThe cause with the most student donors at the end of the day earned a $2,500 bonus.
Featured CauseDonorsRaised ($)
Arthur Lakes Library42$260
Diversity, Inclusion & Access3$90
Geology & Geological Engineering14$650
Mines Museum of Earth Science2$60
Geophysics@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund1$50
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering2$150
Student Emergency Fund6$503
Petroleum Engineering (PE) 100th Anniversary Excellence Fund1$10
Writing Center0$0
Entrepreneurship & Innovation0$0
CASA - Center for Academic Services & Advising0$0
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences0$0
Oredigger Camp0$0
Student Experience Fund0$0
The Mines Fund0$0
Women at Mines3$60
Computer Science7$140
Mining Engineering4$1,132
McBride Honors Program14$267
Humanitarian Engineering2$525
Economics and Business0$0
Mechanical Engineering0$0
Music & Performing Arts Program0$0
Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership3$120
CBE Field Session Student Support Fund0$0
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs1$20
Mines Online0$0
Applied Mathematics & Statistics1$50
Electrical Engineering2$175
Graduate Programs0$0
Quantitative Biosciences & Engineering4$6,114
Engineering, Design & Society2$160
Civil & Environmental Engineering3$15
Raising the Bar ChallengeThe cause that saw the largest percentage increase in the number of donors this year compared to last year received an additional $1,000 bonus gift.
Featured CauseDonorsRaised ($)Goal (Donors)%
Entrepreneurship & Innovation13$4,0451492.9%
CBE Field Session Student Support Fund15$3,0642365.2%
CASA - Center for Academic Services & Advising10$2101190.9%
Geophysics@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund13$2,2491681.3%
Oredigger Camp13$1,01611118.2%
Economics and Business10$3,8001190.9%
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering23$6,5203565.7%
Music & Performing Arts Program17$3,0241894.4%
Electrical Engineering20$3,43017117.6%
Student Experience Fund9$6405180.0%
Mining Engineering66$42,2457193.0%
Arthur Lakes Library74$3,05067110.4%
Mines Museum of Earth Science17$3,3651894.4%
Humanitarian Engineering13$1,4502161.9%
Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership18$1,4648225.0%
Student Emergency Fund107$13,36384127.4%
Civil & Environmental Engineering37$4,95725148.0%
Engineering, Design & Society12$1,9507171.4%
Women at Mines37$5,25628132.1%
Applied Mathematics & Statistics32$4,21914228.6%
Mechanical Engineering26$7,63019136.8%
Diversity, Inclusion & Access28$1,67517164.7%
McBride Honors Program40$4,0514490.9%
Computer Science47$5,09435134.3%
The Mines Fund29$25,30220145.0%
Graduate Programs3$230742.9%
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences6$1,2066100.0%
Geology & Geological Engineering118$60,39912395.9%
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Geology Enhancement Committee photo
Geology Enhancement Committee
matched 70 gifts for a total of $22,000
Harry Conger '55 and Red Conger '77 photo
Harry Conger '55 and Red Conger '77
matched 48 gifts for a total of $20,000
PE Advisory Board photo
PE Advisory Board
matched a total of $7,150
Community Advocates photo
generated 191 clicks and 26 gifts, totaling $6,190
Constance N Knight photo
Constance N Knight
matched a total of $5,000
Kyle '13 and Evan '13 Rowland photo
Kyle '13 and Evan '13 Rowland
Gave $2,000 during a Challenge!
Travis Johnson ’03 photo
Travis Johnson ’03
matched a total of $1,000
Dr. Alan (Met.E. '67, MS '72, PhD '74) and Mrs. Judith Liby photo
Dr. Alan (Met.E. '67, MS '72, PhD '74) and Mrs. Judith Liby
matched a total of $1,000
Toni Lefton & Melanie Brandt (Meloni) photo
Toni Lefton & Melanie Brandt (Meloni)
matched a total of $1,000
Eric '89 and Kathy Thurston photo
Eric '89 and Kathy Thurston
matched a total of $1,000